Özgül Graphic Design Studio&Publishing was established in 2014 by Murat Özgül after his 15 years of experience in the advertisement sector, with the purpose of offering services in Graphic Design as well as designing and materializing any material for publishing. Since then, this efficient office has excelled on the production a wide range of graphic products like logos, front cover designs, book designs, corporate profiles etc. both domestic and both for international market.

The name Mödellingbooks derives from the initials of Murat Özgül who is dedicated to modelling hobby from deep in his heart. In that sense Mödellingbooks represents the books about scale modelling which are designed, edited, produced and published by Murat Özgül.

About Mödellingbooks

Tankmödeller series is the first output and the primary product of the Mödellingbooks Project. The main theme of the series would be AFV models belonging to mainly World War II Period which would be exhibited singly and would be chosen regardless of scale. It is planned that each book would contain a minimum of four and a maximum of six different modelers' works and each model would be introduced accompanying with historical background info about the subject, step by step description of the building techniques with high quality photos. Any volume would be made of minimum of 88 pages with a soft cover. Tankmödeller series would be published on 135gr coated paper and would have the dimensions of 210x270 mm.

We are currently working on new book projects, please stay in touch...