TankMödeller Vol. 1 +
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Tankmödeller Volume 1 - I LOVE 48
ISBN 978-605-80974-0-7

Technical Information

  • 210x270mm
  • 88 pages
  • 135gr coated paper
  • 350gr coated paper softcover and matte-lamented
  • Perfect binding
  • Authors: Domingo Hérnandez, José Luis López Ruiz, Luciano Rodriguez, Michael Rinaldi, Pat Johnston and Sven Frisch
  • 6 different camouflage scheme
  • 200+ step by step photos

About the Book
As the title “I Love 48” suggests the first volume of Tankmödeller series is about 1/48 scale AFV modelling. Six worldwide renowned modeler is presented along with their six different camouflage works in 1/48 scale which have never been published before!.. Over 200 photos which explicitly shows latest and genuine painting, weathering and detailing techniques which would serve to develop your skills in 1/48 AFV modeling and hopefully inspire and guide you to build your best AFV model.

The book aims to provide all the information necessary to complete an authentic model, whether it’s super-detailed or built out of the box. With the different approaches, we believe the features included will appeal to modelers at all levels, and each project is lavishly described in the many in-progress photos.

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